01 April 2019

Late nights, sweat and tears... Rebilla is finally here!

The birth and rise of something special.

Let’s take it from the very beginning. A couple of years ago an idea and a vision of offering a product that can literally save anyone money were born. This became Northmill’s new lovechild, Rebilla, and we nurtured Rebilla carefully for a looong time, a bit too long actually. We put our time and energy on things that indeed are important, but perhaps not the most important from a “launching-an-amazing-product-ASAP” point of view. We had to do something drastic and different and truly live up to our core CRAFT values (Curious, Relentless, Active, Focused, Thorough), and this is the point where the fun begins, so do not stop reading just yet.

Sticks and stones may break our bones. Or not...

Like a ship setting out to explore uncharted waters, you have no idea what is coming for you, it may be incredibly beautiful but it may also be, you know, pretty darn ugly. But since we consider ourselves explorers we had to be prepared for everything coming our way in the merciless waters of finance and technology. The members were picked due to each individual’s extraordinary skills in everything from programming, design, product development, and finance. We had a dream team at our disposal with crew members ready to do everything in their power to help you save money in a super simple way.

We had our setbacks, our peaks of joy and of sorrow, yet we pulled ourselves up since a failure of launching Rebilla in time was simply not an option. Our sense of duty and our will to provide people with a financial service that is inclusive, user-centered, elegant and ridiculously simple to use was too strong for shortcomings.

So today is a very special day for us, as much as it is for you, because (yes, you thought it) we reached our destination and we’re not talking about America, but of something even better ...drumroll... REBILLA. Rebilla is here, and it’s ready, ready for all of you. Today is the day when people can join the movement and become rebels by regaining the power of their hard earned cash, instead of letting it turn into dust in the form of interest and fees. Speaking of fees, what are the so-called fees for anyways? We delved deep into the science but still couldn’t figure it out, so we threw that concept right out the window. In plain English, that means; don’t expect to come across any fees with Rebilla.

So for the sake of humanity, (Alright, that’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea) try us out, it’ll only take a few minutes, and it might be the most well spent few minutes in your life. Start saving your hard earned money in three steps by - uploading your invoice, check how much you save and accept your new money-saving-offer. Yep, that’s literally all you have to do, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Lo and behold, right when you thought things couldn’t get better right? Well, on a few occasions they can, so here’s a little secret, this is only the beginning of what Rebilla will be able to do for you and your finances, so don’t forget to stay tuned because more awesomeness is coming your way.

Hope to see y’all joining us soon!

A warm welcome and greetings from the entire Rebilla crew <3

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posted 374 days ago by Jonas Lundgren